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- We are located in the center of Zug

- convenient schedule, school vacations as in the canton of Zug

- Different painting and drawing techniques

- ages 6-8, 8-11, 11-17


We are sure that painting classes are very important for all children. They form a harmonious and versatile personality and promote fine motor skills. Likewise, painting uses both sides of the brain, stimulates visual and motor memory, coordination, thinking and speaking.


The head of the ARTPOST studio is Tatiana Shitikova, an artist and teacher with a university degree in art, who works in Lucerne and Zug. For more than 20 years she combines active creative work and teaching fine art to children and adults.


The courses develop associative thinking; in the process, the child learns to compare and generalize, to orient himself spatially and in perspective. Later, this will be the key to understanding the laws of geometry, physics and other disciplines.


In the lessons we learn to properly represent the shape of an object, mix colors, use different brushes and palettes, and master various drawing techniques.


The subjects of the lessons are chosen so that students make paintings from all genres of fine art - portraits, landscapes, still lifes, abstract compositions.

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